Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well, I just finished presenting my storybaords and the one background I've developed for my story so far, and it went well, the response to my story was excellent. I even got some smiles and laughs. AT 8 AM!! My story goes (so far) as such: A piece of toast is dropped into a toaster, and falls into Bread Hell. He is soon surrounded by toaster demons, and is dragged off to a toast chamber. And toasted.


Adam Maurice said...

TOAST!!! My toast is all burnt up and smoking. Funny. Sounds like an awesome concept. Can't wait to see it finished. It also seems simple enough in the sense that it will be completed by the end of the quarter

Robin "Bird" Evans said...

AWESOME IDEA, Sir!!! Its extremely creative and funny. I can't wait to see the final animation. I especially like when the toast flips of the toaster demons, Too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah what they said.
And if you got that response at 8am you know somethings gotta be good. Hurry and get it done I wanna see it!
Is the sequel going to be popcorn in the microwave? The kernals all nice but when they pop they turn psychotic and....yea I dont know where I am going with this